Modify phone positioning via Magellan

iOS,Virtual Location

Posted by Karim on April 19, 2020


  1. Firstly, download Virtual Location App and Magellan App. It requires running both these two apps to modify the location.

  2. There is an ico at system navigation bar as following after Magellan App running successfully.
  3. Connect the mobile phone to your computer, then choose your personal mobile.

  4. If there is no installing the driver before, please click to Install the driver firstly.

  5. It will download the driver automatically for the first installing.

  6. Please click Install the Driver again after download successfully. After installation successfully, there will be following tips.

  7. It need to run Magellan app again after installation.


  1. Open Virtual Location App
    There are two ways to modify the position as followings:
    Select Move By double-click. Double click the map on Virtual Location App. Then you will find your position on mobile phone has already changed.
    ① Double click the map on Virtual Location without selecting Move by double-click. There will be generated multi-spots on the map as picture shows.

② Please input Speed and click Run by route finally. You will find your mobile phone is moving along programmed route.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me and send email to In most case, it is better to provide the log file will be helpful. Please click Export log file to generate the log file by Magellan App.